Happy 4th of July!!

Jul 4, 2012

      I would like to wish my fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day! I know I probably should have made this post earlier, as everyone is most likely out lighting fireworks and watching massive displays, but better late than never! I hope you all have/had a safe and fun day! 
      This year my town banned fireworks for the second year in a row, so my day hasn't been all that fun. My parents and I did light some fireworks, but after an hour or so, a police officer came and told us to stop. It stinks because we were taking the right precautions, but even so, it was still illegal. (Apparently this doesn't stop everyone else in the city though - its still really noisy outside.) I hope your Independence Day was better than mine!  Take care!


P.S. I'll have a review up soon! Promise!