May 30, 2012

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My name is Sydney, I’m sixteen, and this is a blog I’ve started for the purpose of combining two of my favorite things -reading and writing- to post reviews about books I have read. I read mostly YA novels, so that will be the majority of what I review. Sorry if you are not so into that. Really, I am. I wish I had a larger spectrum of genre interests, but I won’t even pretend I do.
Most of the things I post will be about books, but I might throw in some music or slightly personal stuff (mostly about books, occasional book hauls, etc. Nothing about my menstrual cycle, I promise).
I'm on goodreads, feel free to add me as a friend :)
As I mentioned earlier, I love reading and writing, but I also love the color blue, my clarinet (unnamed) and bass clarinet (named Chinodin, which is Ojibwe for “big wind”), my three pets, and talking to people who also like talking to me. I started this blog so I could write about the oodles of books I plan to read this summer, since I am currently jobless and money-less. 
I not-so-secretly wish this blog could somehow get so popular that the New York Times would pay me to write for them. Okay, the NYT is probably a far stretch, but wouldn’t that make for a crazy YA novel?
“What do you REALLY want to do?”
I shamelessly wrote an answer to this question on a personality questionnaire sheet my photography teacher gave out one day. My shameless answer was, “Get paid for writing reviews about books (even bad ones).” I normally do not express my thoughts so openly (because I normally don’t express anything), but something about my photography teacher made me want to tell everyone everything about me. Probably because he always talked in silly accents and acted pretty loony and always seemed so true to himself without caring what students thought (I think you’re pretty amazing, Teach). I’m getting off track now, but the point is that I think that would be the most awesome job ever and it was my honest answer. So now I’m putting my honest thoughts down about books; I’m doing what I want to do.
I hope you enjoy my reviews, and if you ever have suggestions, opinions, or questions please post a comment :).


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