I'm home! With books!

Jun 17, 2012

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         Hello! I've been in Kansas City for the past week visiting some family. I drove up with my grandparents, and we got home late last night. It felt good to sleep in my own bed :)
         I did a little bit of shopping, and I'll show the books I bought and put the rest under a break.

The one I'm most excited to read is City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.
City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) 

         I've heard great things about this book. I really want to start reading it but I should finish all the other books I'm currently reading :(

I also bought The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard.
The Secret Year

         I've already started reading this book and its pretty okay so far. It was hard for me to really pay attention to the story, but that could be because I was hanging out with family and stuff. Maybe I'll start liking it more.

The last one I bought is The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong.
The Gathering (Darkness Rising, #1)

         I loved the Darkest Powers series by this author so I really think I'm going to love this book too. This book has a pretty good rating on Goodreads so there must be some good things about it. I read that the story line is kind of similar to the Darkest Powers series, which is great because I couldn't get enough of those books.

My cousin also lent me a book which I'm pretty close to finishing. Its called Saving June by Hannah Harrington.
Saving June

           I only have about 30 pages left, so expect a review pretty soon. I really love this book and its really hard to put down. There are some little things I don't really like about it but the story is really great.

         Under the jump is some stories and other things about my trip, if you are interested. Also, have a happy father's day!!

         While we were in the city, my cousins, my grandma, and I went to the zoo. It was gigantic! We rode a train through Australia, took the tram to Africa, and rode a ski lift over Africa. Here are a couple pictures of zebras and giraffes.

There are so many trees in the Eastern Kansas area, and it is so beautiful. I think I should move there and live within the trees.

My cousins and I dressed up as the Kardashians. I'm in the middle :)

Here's a picture of my ombre sunburn.

My arms and chest are also sun burnt really bad. It kind of hurts to move. 
I was at my cousin's baseball game and we sat out in the sun, so that's why I'm so red. But hopefully it will fade to a tan.

At the mall, my cousins and I went to Wet Seal. I bought two shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of flats, and a belt. I wanted to find a backpack purse, and there were a lot of options, but not the kind I was looking for. Hopefully I find one soon.

It was a really good trip overall, and I can't wait to see my cousins again. It seemed like our time together went by way too fast. 


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